As of December 2008 Molekel builds with Visual C++, both nmake and solution (.sln) files can be generated from CMakeSetup. A free version of Visual C++ is available here:

The MinGW environment is not supported anymore.


No issues to report. Tested on various SuSE and Red Hat distributions.

Mac OS X

Tested on Tiger only. Not tested with universal binaries. There should be no issue in building universal binaries, provided you properly build all the required libraries first.

On Mac some libraries and tools can be installed with darwinports or fink. Check on the Darwinports and websites for information on the available packages.

if you use darwinports to install OpenBabel it will be automatically installed under /opt/local and the include directory to set in the CMake configuration will be /usr/local/include/openbabel-2.0 (or some other version number).

If you install a pre-built version of Coin3D make sure you also install the tools package which is required to build applications outside Xcode.

When building VTK make sure that VTK_USE_CARBON is ON.

OpenMOIV doesn't build out of the box on Mac OS; if you have OpenGL installed as a framework (and want to use it as a framework) then you cannot use #include <GL/gl.h> in the source code because there is no GL directory in the OpenGL.framework/Headers directory. To build OpenMOIV you can use the include files in the /usr/X11R6/include/GL directory, note that these include files are usually different from the ones in the OpenGL.framework/Headers directory. To have CMake use the files in the X11 directory open OpenMOIV CMakeLists.txt and add the following line before INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES(${OPENGL_INCLUDE_PATH}):

  • SET( OPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR /usr/X11R6/include )

Build with cmake -Dcoin:int=1 then make

You will then have to copy the include/ChemKit2 directory into your preferred include dir (e.g. /usr/local/include) and the libChemKit2 lib into your preferred lib dir (e.g. /usr/local/lib).

Due to the fact that some libraries used by Molekel do have include files that #include <GL/gl.h> you also need to configure CMake to use /usr/X11R6/include as the value of OPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR; this is an advanced options and therefore you need to press 't'@@ to have it displayed.

If you want to use the OpenGL.framework #includes you might as well copy the OpenGL.frameworks/Headers files to a GL directory and change the value of OPENGL_INCLUDE_DIR to the directory containing the GL directory; there are however other issues if you do this: if some code references GL/glx.h compilation will fail because there is no glx.h file in the OpenGL.framework/Headers directory.

IV_INCLUDE_DIR and IV_LINK_DIR do not have to be set on Mac if you install the standard Coin3D distribution as a framework.